Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Unfortunately, we couldn't achieve the final round...
We did our best, and even not going to France(where the Final will be placed), we're really proud of our final video. It was the first time that each one of us, really worked with animation! LoL

Well, here are few things that I did during the animation process...

This is our main character, I designed him, based on the earlier design that Fer did for the storyboard.

Here is a chart that I did to animate the robot. (Robot Designed by Fer)

Some animations...


Robot eating it's box

Robot Shutting Down

I did these two sequences, and Felipe (Bozo) animated the other sequences of this robot.

Main Character

Walking Cicle


I did every sequence this guy appears! So if there is any animation problem, it was me! : (

Finished Scenes

Panoramic View

Truck Sequence

I animated the truck (for the truck I used expressions : S) and the rocket, such as the camera movement (for these 2 sequences), Pan did every background you'll see in the animation and Juliano precomposed the backgrounds into 3D layers, and set the camera movement for lots of other sequences.

Well, it wasn't easy to write this post, but now that Imagine Cup finally ended (at least for me!) I'll post more often! LoL
I really wanna say thanks to everyone that supported us, and as soon as I can, I'll post the finished animation!

Now, let me go back to my Animator's Survival Kit!!! : )