Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Piece of our Storyboard...

Drawing (Me) + Colors (Me)
Drawing (Fer) + Colors (Pan)
Drawing (Me) + Colors (Pan)Drawing (Fer) + Colors (Pan)

Second Post!!!

I was a little bit busy, because my friends and I decided to join Imagine Cup Short Film competition. For the first round, we had to create a story and a storyboard based on the theme : "imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment"
...now we're waiting for the results, that will be revealed by Feb 22th...

ps. we tried to make it look like a kind of children's book...

Hope you enjoy it!...and
"Go Titans!"

Team Titans:


Hey Bullblog said...

Very cool your drawings and design Gustavo.
Keep drawing man!


Very Cool. I love the color!

RogerHaus said...

Hey, great works man.
Love these serie of ilustrations.
Hugs from Barcelona

Abz said...

really good stuff bro... come check out my site!

keep it up!